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List Of ISPs

12G Cellular Mobile Telecom OperatorDownload
23G Cellular Mobile Telecom OperatorDownload
34G/LTE Cellular Mobile Telecom OperatorDownload
4Mobile Number Portability Services (MNPS)Download
5Broadband Wireless Access (BWA)Download
6International Gateway (IGW) ServicesDownload
7Interconnection Exchange (ICX) ServicesDownload
8International Internet Gateway (IIG) ServicesDownload
9National Internet Exchange (NIX)Download
10Call Centre (International & Domestic)Download
11Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN) Service ProviderDownload
12Vehicle Tracking ServicesDownload
13Internet Protocol Telephony Service Provider(IPTSP)Download
14Internet Service Provider(ISP) – NationwideDownload
15Internet Service Provider(ISP) – Central ZoneDownload
16Internet Service Provider(ISP) – ZonalDownload
17Internet Service Provider(ISP) – Category ADownload
18Internet Service Provider(ISP) – Category BDownload
19Internet Service Provider(ISP) – Category CDownload
20Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) OperatorDownload
21International Terrestrial Cable (ITC) ServicesDownload
22VSAT UserDownload
23VSAT ProviderDownload
24VSAT Provider with HUBDownload
25VoIP Service ProviderDownload
26Tower Sharing Licenses ListDownload
27TVAS Registration CertificateDownload
28A2P SMS Service ProviderDownload