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Membership benefits

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Membership benefits

We provide full service at every step.

Joining Bangladesh’s leading Internet trade association offers many benefits, from new business opportunities to meeting face to face with the valuable stakeholders whose opinions can affect your business.

Involvement in shaping public policy

ISPAB is a strong advocate of industry self-regulation, and campaigns against unnecessary regulation that may hinder its members in any way. ISPAB ensures our members’ interests are always appropriately represented.

ISPAB helps to shape future regulation on behalf of its members. It provides opportunities for members to convey their company’s interest to government officials and parliamentarians face-to-face. Members may join meetings held with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Home Office and the Department for Culture, Media & Sport.

The ISPAB Monitor

ISPAB provides members with a weekly news, compliance and regulatory information bulletin keeping our members regularly informed on national, European and international regulatory developments that affect members’ businesses.

Invitation to and participation at ISPAB's Events

High profile ISPAB events give our members the opportunity to meet people worth knowing in their business including key industry players, government officials and parliamentarians, lawyers, journalists and new business contacts. ISPAB organizes many events for members including:

Policy Subgroup meetings
Parliamentary networking events
Networking receptions and dinners
Members meetings
The UK Internet industry awards (the ISPABs)
Visit the Events Calendar for a full list of ISPAB endorsed events for which ISPAB members can claim exclusive discounts.

The Logo of Responsible Internet Businesses

The ISPAB logo is recognized by industry, parliamentarians and consumers as a sign of good business practice. The logo denotes participation in self-regulation and adherence to the ISPAB code of practice and complaints procedure. ISPAB members may use the ISPAB logo on their website, headed paper and promotional material.

Promoting Sales

Sales contacts are placed on the ISPAB website so potential customers looking for a service provider – and making the informed choice of an ISPAB member – are provided with direct links to our members.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Service

Our members can enjoy dispute resolution service from ISPAB. There are many occasions where ISPAB was involved in dispute resolution on behalf of an ISP and was solved accordingly